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Top Spin Tennis

Our History

Top Spin Tennis are one of the largest racket sports specialists and the most highly qualified retail stringing team in the UK. The business was founded in 2003 by Karen and Mark Goodman, both of whom are Grand Slam stringers.

The business currently has six pro-shops all situated within tennis clubs in its portfolio, but is looking to expand this over the course of the coming years. At the heart of Top Spin Tennis is its employee's, most of whom are racket sports players themselves so you can be rest assured you're dealing with people 'in the know'.

The ethos of the business has always been to offer professional advice in a professional setting, whether that be in-store or online. The mission is to ensure everyone’s game is maximised through their equipment choice, making them love the game even more!

Racket Stringing

Top Spin Tennis is proud to have 3 Pro Tour stringers and 3 Master Professional Stringers within its ranks. The business also uses state-of-the-art equipment to make sure each re-string is as consistent as the last. The business currently has:

5 Wilson Baiardos
Babolat Star 5
Babolat Racket Station
Yonex ES5 Protech
Yonex ES9 Deluxe

On an average year Top Spin are trusted to string over 9,000 rackets for our customers both online and in-store. This supported by some of our stringers working at the following professional tennis and badminton tournaments:

Australian Open
French Open
Rio & London Olympic Games
All England Badminton Championships
Swiss Open Badminton Championships

Sales and Service

Most Internet shops simply want to ship large volumes of products, often with not much time to spend on custom stringing and customisation.

Top Spin Tennis are different.

The business believes these extra services are as important as the product you buy. Most new rackets come unstrung which we custom string to your own specification (included in the price). The business can even customise your rackets to ensure that you are buying a matched pair or to increase the weight of any specific racket adding value to your purchase.

Please feel free to contact us for any advice on rackets, clothing, shoes, balls, accessories and more.

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