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Tennis Racket Customisation

We have written a Top Spin Tennis information guide all about Tennis Racket Customisation which you can download from our Advice section. Our prices for the various customisation services we offer are below:


Your racket(s) are measured for weight/stiffness/balance/swing weight and a short summary report is produced.
a) Racket(s) as presented to us by you £10.00
(covers all rackets)
b) Your rackets stripped down – strings cut out and optionally grip off, bumper off and any previous weighting taken off.
Please note this charge does not include replacement of grip, bumper and strings after completion of measurement
per racket

Grip Enlargement & Handle Replacements

a) Using heat shrink sleeve(s):
1 grip size £8.00
2 grip size £10.00
b) Badminton handle replacement £25.00
c) Handle repair (Tennis/Squash) £20.00
Temporary solution to re-make handle where this has crumbled away
d) Butt Cap replacement £6.00
Please note prices for handles or grip enlargements don't include the price of a replacement grip

Pallet Change

Please note this service is currently only available for Head and Volkl rackets
Strip off old pallet set and butt cap. Supply and attach new pallet set and butt cap.
Please note this charge does not include replacement of grip

Matching Rackets

Match (for weight and balance) a lighter racket to a heavier racket £20.00
Per racket

Bespoke Customisation Work

Changing single/multiple rackets stats to a specific specification as per the customers request. Price per customisation session. £30.00
Per racket
For subsequent rackets to be matched thereon afterwards, please refer to racket matching pricing.

'On-Court' Racket Customisation

Your chance to experiment on-court with different weights/balances. We are on-hand to add/change the specification of your racket to find your preferred setup. Once achieved, we can then match all your rackets to this specification. Please contact us to discuss your requirements as this is a specialist, tailored service.

For further advice or to book your rackets in for customisation, please contact us and we will call back to discuss.

Please note the prices above do not include any return shipping (if appropriate) which will be charged at cost.

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