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We are one of very few companies that run a mail order demo racket service. All our demo rackets are specifically 'demos' - many companies send out new rackets and charge you for any scratches etc. We understand that a small amount of wear and tear and string breakages on our demos is inevitable!

How The Scheme Works:

  • Complete the form with your details and select the rackets you wish to try out from the list below
  • You can request as many rackets as you like, but as soon as two of your choices become available we will contact you for payment details
  • We charge £10 per demo racket you try (which is fully refundable against any racket you buy from us)
  • If you would like a demo racket custom strung, we charge a flat £10/racket (excluding Gut)
  • You pay the postage each way - we charge £5 postage and packing to send your rackets by courier.
  • You play (and enjoy!) the racket(s) for up to 7 days before returning them - we rely on people returning rackets on time to enable us to get demos to the next people on the list
  • You purchase your new racket and we subtract the total number of £'s you have spent on demos (not shipping) from the total end price. We can of course custom string and match your racket(s) before being dispatched.

Please see our Advice page for full terms and conditions and an overview of all the demo racket specifications we offer

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