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Yonex Vcore 100 2021

Yonex Tennis Rackets
2021 - January

The 6th generation of Vcore is packed full of technology features to create a new racket that produces aggressive, strong spin, by increasing the spin rate, string movement, and vertical drop angle. The racket is designed to assist with heavy spin, attacking spin, topspin and backspin.

What's New in this version?
- 2G-Namd - at the base of the hoop, this material maintains its flex even under load which results in rapid flex and snapback
- String Sync Grommets - a new shape of grommets - thinner in a larger frame hole at top and bottom of the hoop allows the grommets to move in sync with the string
- VDM - a stretchy material in the handle which filters out unwanted, harsh vibrations giving better feel and thus more control
- Wider, thinner hoop - the widest part of the frame is shifted up to give more string movement towards the head of the racket. The frame thickness is less increasing manoeuvrability

The Aero Trench and Aero Fins from the previous model are retained, as well as the frame holes at the throat being more vertical to increase string movement and enlarge the horizontal sweet spot.


Head Light

We have a demo of this product available for you to try. Go to our Demo Request page for more details.

This racket comes unstrung. We will custom string it for you, which is included in the price - please select which string and tension you would like from the option boxes below.

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RedG2, G3, G4£245.00£196.00
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Yonex Vcore 100 2021 Rackets