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Use this page to see the cost of a mail order restring and pay for it online. For details about using our mail order restring service, please see our Racket Stringing page.
To see the cost of a restring using a particular string, select the sport from the drop down list above (Tennis, Badminton or Squash) and click on the search button.
The resultant list is the most common strings and their restring prices – these prices exclude the return postage cost (which is added automatically during the check out process).

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Manuf.DescGaugeColourTop Spin Tennis
Product ImageTop Spin TennisCustomer String Provided

Mixed£15.00 each
Product ImageVolklCyclone Tour

16Red£22.00 each
16Black£22.00 each
17Red£22.00 each
17Black£22.00 each
18Red£22.00 each
18Black£22.00 each
Product ImageWilsonNatural Gut

16/1.30mmNatural£55.00 each
17/1.25mmNatural£55.00 each
Product ImageWilsonNXT

16/1.30mmNatural£29.00 each
17/1.24mmNatural£29.00 each
Product ImageWilsonNXT Power

16/1.30mmNatural£29.00 each
17/1.26mmNatural£29.00 each
Product ImageWilsonSensation

15/1.35mmNatural£26.00 each
16/1.30mmNatural£26.00 each
16/1.30mmGreen£26.00 each
17/1.25mmNatural£26.00 each
Product ImageWilsonRevolve

15/1.35mmWhite£22.00 each
15/1.35mmBlack£22.00 each
16/1.30mmWhite£22.00 each
16/1.30mmBlack£22.00 each
16/1.30mmOrange£22.00 each
17/1.25mmWhite£22.00 each
17/1.25mmBlack£22.00 each
17/1.25mmOrange£22.00 each
Product ImageYonexPoly Tour Rev

1.20mmOrange£26.00 each
1.25mmOrange£26.00 each
Product ImageYonexPoly Tour Strike

16L/1.25mmGrey£26.00 each
16L/1.25mmBlack£26.00 each
Product ImageYonexPoly Tour Air

16L/1.25mmSky Blue£26.00 each
Product ImageYonexPoly Tour Fire

16/1.30mmRed£26.00 each
16L/1.25mmRed£26.00 each
17/1.20mmRed£26.00 each
Product ImageYonexPoly Tour Spin

16L/1.25mmBlue£25.00 each
18/1.20mmBlue£25.00 each
Product ImageYonexPoly Tour Tough

17/1.25mmBlack£25.00 each
Product ImageYonexPoly Tour Pro

16/1.25mmYellow£26.00 each
17/1.20mmYellow£26.00 each
Product ImageYonexRexis

1.25mmNatural£26.00 each
1.25mmBlack£26.00 each
1.30mmNatural£26.00 each

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