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Luxilon Big Banger Original 130

Luxilon Tennis Strings

Luxilon Big Banger Original is 'the string for string killers!'.

This is Luxilon's original Poly-ether-ether string mixed with Fluorocarbon.

This string provides extreme resilience and durability with excellent power and control.

Mini reels string 3 rackets or 6-7 hybrids.

Construction: Monofilament

String Rating (Hide Explanation)

Many manufacturers are now quoting values for various characteristics of their strings. These characteristics cannot be taken in isolation as any particular restring should take into account several different factors. The most common characteristics are:

  • Comfort - how comfortable (touch, feel) are the strings to play with?
  • Durability - how long can you expect the string to last before breaking?
  • Spin - is the string designed to help with spin production?
  • Power - how powerful is the string?

Where the manufacturer doesn't quote figures for these characteristics, we have inserted our own, based on our experience and comparing with other similar strings.

Please note that as these ratings are manufacturer based, they may not represent an accurate comparison between brands.

Each set of ratings refers to only one gauge of the particular string as the rating will be different per gauge. This is indicated by the text "(Ratings refer to xx variant)" after the ratings.

Comfort: 5.0
Durablity: 9.0
Spin: 6.0
Power: 6.0
Ratings relates to 16/1.30mm variant

Top Spin Tennis View: We use this less than ALU power, but some of our chronic string breakers prefer its better durability (especially the 1.38mm version) - and its cheaper!

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16/1.30mmAmber200m Reel£225.00£150.00

Luxilon Big Banger Original 130 Strings